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2012-05-11 22:04:13 by ywingit

I love it,if you dont you suck.
Edit:you need to see this!


Happy Halloween!

2011-10-27 18:22:46 by ywingit

Happy Halloween newgrounds !


2011-10-16 15:10:42 by ywingit

I am so bored,so i'll be playing Mk9 and Black Ops if you need me.

-Ywingit2 (Ywingit)
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I lost my animation!

2011-08-08 14:32:47 by ywingit

It took a year to finish and now my laptop is dead!


2011-07-02 11:42:02 by ywingit

Here's some weird videos! Smoke's Rude Awakening
Cat I'm a kitty cat and a meow meow meow a meow meow meow!


2011-06-29 19:53:09 by ywingit

Join Roblox !

(sleeps)......(wakes up) What?

2011-06-29 19:47:41 by ywingit

I got Call of the Dead which sucks!
Dont buy it!

Back and Online

2011-06-20 11:53:11 by ywingit

I got a monkey bomb picture and went to picnik edited it,so it's my art cuz I edited!
Look for me on MW2 cuz I got to finish special ops on Veteran.

Best Regards,Ywingit

Ywingit on black ops

2011-01-22 21:58:12 by ywingit

Play Zombies with me,my name's ywingit for ps3 only!

Weapon Hacked

2010-12-30 11:43:00 by ywingit

Weapon(The game made by simonhasondesign) Hacked on my website and heres the link to get the game + in case you dont know,Every gun costs 1 credit and the gun pieces cost 1 credit and infinite ammo in each clip or magizine.

The weapon game
Also,Look at my kittens(I went to walgreens and ask to get a picture of them for 50 dollars.)

Weapon Hacked